Coinigy + Vaultoro

As of this week, Vaultoro traders have yet another powerful tool at their disposal. We are pleased to announce that Vaultoro is fully integrated with Coinigy, a Bloomberg-style trading platform that currently supports more than 45 Bitcoin & Altcoin exchanges across over 2,600 markets. You can now instantly take your Vaultoro trading to the next level with this cutting-edge platform.

How do I utilize my Vaultoro account with Coinigy?
It's simple- Register at for a free, no-obligation 30 day trial. Then, connect your Vaultoro API keys with Coinigy. This gives you the ability not only to view live charts, orderbooks and historical data, but also trade directly on the chart through your Vaultoro account. Coinigy provides a professional suite of more than 75 technical indicators, live price alerts via e-mail and sms, automatic balance and portfolio monitoring, and a host of apps such as ArbMatrix and Google Sheets integrations.

If you are an experienced trader, and especially if you are keen on Technical Analysis, registering with Coinigy is a must. The multitude of tools will help you see price trends and make the most of opportunities not normally apparent on the default exchange charts. Apart from the instruments, features like stop limit orders and alerts are incredibly beneficial. Vaultoro users will soon be able to manage their portfolios on Coinigy's upcoming Android app (beta available upon request).

New to technical trading? Don't worry, you won't be flying in the dark- Coinigy offers a learning center and knowledge base as well as a slew of getting started videos and tutorials on their YouTube channel (

We highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to take your Vaultoro trading to the next level and are proud to be a pivotal part of the growing Coinigy community.