Since 2015

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100% Secure Track Record

Since 2015, Vaultoro has proven its mastery of the highest security standards. Vaultoro follows industry best practices when it comes to data security infrastructure set out in the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) and ISO/IEC 27001:2018

Your Gold is Fully Audited and insured

Pro Aurum Vaulting facility audited by BDO


With a revenue of over 9 billion in 2018 and over 80,000 employees internationally, BDO are one of the largest auditing firms in the world and audit the vaulting facility in which our clients secure their metal.

Brinks Vaulting facility insured by Lloyd's


Lloyds of London are one of the largest insurers in the world and insure the gold secured in the Brinks and Philoro vaulting facilities against theft, fraud, fire and more.

The Pro Aurum Vaulting facility insured by Helvetia


Helvetia insures 100% of the precious metals secured against theft, fraud, fire and more at our Pro Aurum vaulting facility in Switzerland.

Top-tier Precious Metals Partners

Philoro partners with Vaultoro to deliver LBMA certified good delivery bullion to Brinks


The German-Austrian Philoro Group is one of the largest bank-independent precious metal traders in the German-speaking world. Vaultoro prefers to work with philoro in Switzerland and Liechtenstein because of the speed and 100% reliability of processing.

Vaultoro customers secure most of their Gold and Silver at Brinks Switzerland. Buy gold with bitcoin OTC


Brink's has been transporting and storing all kinds of goods for more than 160 years and is today the largest depositor of precious metals worldwide. It is Brink's routine and absolute reliability that has led Vaultoro to choose them as its main Vaulting facility.

Pro Aurum Switzerland


Founded in 2003, pro aurum today is one of the largest gold dealers in Europe with branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Vaultoro uses the Swiss branch of pro aurum as preferred trading partner since many years

A mastery of the highest crypto security standards

Vaultoro multisig cold storage

Multi-Signature Wallets

When Crypto is deposited it lands in our secure online multi-signature “hot wallets” and are then a majority are moved to our un-hackable offline multi-sig “cold wallets” every evening.

Vaultoro's secure sever room

Cold Offline Wallets

Cold wallets are secured offline, geographically diverse and safe from outside and inside attacks. A minimum amount of funds are stored on a hot wallet (connected to the internet). This wallet is secured on a completely independent server infrastructure

Vaultoro military grade encryption

Privacy And User Data Security

All user data is encrypted with military grade encryption and salted. When it comes to user privacy we abide by the strictest rules and lead the industry in both security and best practises.

Independent and private

Bank independent savings

Vaultoro secures the lions share of clients bullion at the private top-tier Brinks vaulting facility in Zurich Switzerland. These facilities are outside of the banking system assuring the highest privacy for all our clients. It is also a great way to protect wealth from the real concern of another global banking crisis.

All bullion is investment grade, LBMA approved good delivery gold bullion. This is important, as the gold our clients hold is liquid between the traditional fiat /gold markets and the growing crypto markets.

All gold is purchased from Pro Aurum and Philoro is secured in their vaulting facilities until vaultoro clients reach above 20 kilos (collectively), at which point we transfer the physical bullion using a Brink’s armoured vehicle to the Brinks facility in Zurich.

The BRINK'S Vaulting facility​
Is one of the most secure facilities in the world

Legal certainty and security

Allocated Gold
All gold is allocated in the user’s name as their legal property, off Vaultoro’s books. This means that even if something happens to Vaultoro, liquidators can’t touch your gold. This is very different from every other exchange that deals in FIAT. When something happens to fiat exchanges, the customer’s funds are used up by lawyers and liquidators over years.
Radical Transparency

Vaultoro became the industry leader in transparency by inventing the highly innovative transparency audit protocol called “The Glass Books Protocol“. Users can check Vaultoro’s crypto and gold holdings 24 / 7, 365 days a year without Vaultoro knowing they are checking. Easily visible for everyone, yet completely anonymous. We have recently updated Vaultoro to V2.0 we are currently working on the glass books protocol 2.0 wich will be available soon. 

Vaultoro buy and sell gold bullion with bitcoin and crypto
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