We Are Airdropping 5 Kg Of Silver!

We have great news: Silver is now available on our platform. That means you can buy and trade Silver on Vaultoro. 

To celebrate, we came up with something you will want to be part of: for a limited time, we will be airdropping a total of 5 kg of Silver to ALL active users of Vaultoro.  

All you have to do is log in to your verified account between December 17th until December 25th 2020 January 7th 2021

That means you have 1 week to do activate your account. We will do the airdrop in the second week of January, right after the holidays. 

Make sure you don’t miss out on this great deal and activate your account now!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only verified active users of Vaultoro are eligible for the giveaway.
  2. Vaultoro is giving away a total of 5 kg of Silver, and 5 gr of Silver per each user.
  3. Only the accounts active between the 15th of December and the 22nd of December are eligible.
  4. New accounts that are verified and active are eligible. 
  5. The Silver will be airdropped from January 5th, 2021. 
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